söndag 6 december 2009

New Years Resolutions

No, I have NOT had a 2,5 months long study break. I have actually been so busy of studying that I simply did not have time to write on my blog. Time - the answer to all things people do not do. When it comes to time one can wonder how cleaver the human race really is. Because we seem to be completely foolish into thinking that we can do everything and have all the time in the world, alot of people are time optimists, yet other people (I would say ALL people) uses time as the perfect excuse of not doing something, me including. Just look at when my last message here was.... shame on me! I know!

Time is also involved in the time to come - the holiday X-mas and New Years - and the "all so lovely"- New Years Resolutions! I would really like to know the statistics for how many people actually fullfill their resolutions. My guess is, not so much. What I do know is that the gyms around the world would not be making any profits if everyon who actually bought a gymcard in January would use it for the rest of the year. That makes me wonder of how many industries actually depend on humans view and optimism for both time and those promises made at midnight on the 31st of December.

No, I have not been to busy. I don't believe in those lame excuses, I just simply have not prioritized it and there is no one else to blame but myself. But I have been studying though, that's true at least. The most recent was the paper and presentation I did about the horrible banana industry in Costa Rica. And, it needs to be said - DON'T BUY CHIQUITA OR DOLE BANANAS! BUY FAIR TRADE BANANAS! Please! Think about that one third of the money you spend on bananas goes directly to buying pesticides that kills the people and their families who work at those banana plantations! (I'll get back to this topic futher on, I promise, becauce this is a battle I am willing to take!)

As a matter of fact, I am also studying right now. Even though my "not entirely cheerfull reading" of books like "The bottom billion" and "White man's burden" I was actually thinking of something cheerfull just a minute ago, which lead me to this message.

I read about an incident that took place in N.Y. decades ago symbolizing the general human instinct of people in groups not taking responsibility. For example, if you see a crime taking place and you also notice other people observing the incident, it is not likely that you feel the responsibility of actually intervening or calling the police. You then believe someone else will do it. But the truth is - they won't. Okay, this was not the cheerful thing that popped up in my mind, but this story (also known as the Kitty Genovese story) reminded me of when I first heard of it - 5 years ago in high school, in psycology class with the never forgettable Mr. Hansson. Sitting here writing my assignment I also felt like listening to some classical music, reminding me of yet again another high scool memory, a class when we were told how to study better and that classical music is really good the the brain.

It's funny when you out of the blue get reminded of something you haven't thought of in a long time and that when you start to reflect upon it you realize how much time has actually passed. I am sure that all people tries its best and that "time just isn't enough sometimes". But it's quite sad to think of how that most people's resolutions are "spending time with family, getting into shape and becoming a more healthier person and get a better controll of their lives", and that they are very likely to fail.

My theory is that Easterly is right sometimes (unfortunate so say so), but that goals that are broad in their focus will not come true. Also that there is too much pressure on January 1st that you just can't take it.

So, I am starting my New Years resolutions now instead! I have 2, and by December 30th I will evaluate and see it it is likely that I will be able to fullfill them:
1) Only buy Fair Trade bananas
2) Write more often on my blogg, I wanna start of slow, so I'll say 2 times a month.

My advice is to not take on all those things you've been thinking of into 20 resultions. Go easy on yourself, because maybe the best resolutions to have is not to put attention to everything you do not do or do not have, but on the things you do have! Maybe you should write down one thing each day that you are greatful of that you have done or have. Because as you are well aware time is a funny thing. Especially around the holidays people realize that another year has passed. Time flies faster than one has time to appreciate so by putting aside 10 seconds a day by thinking of one thing in your life that you appreciate you will feel more happy a year later - you just gained 365 things in your life that made you happy!

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